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Alternative Views #549: THE MAGIC DAY

Published 1996

A snapshot of May 9, 1951 is shown, revealing how different the world is
today from what it was over four decades ago. The medium though which this
is presented is "Central Day" on KVOO, the annual day during which the Tulsa
Central high school students took over all the production duties of the most
powerful radio station in town. Because this was during the last days of
the "Golden Days of Radio" when stations had large staffs which produce
their own local programs of a wide variety of types, the students performed
all the announcing, news and sportscasting, and writing, as well as
performing in all the programs emphasizing music, drama, comedy, and
variety. Each news and sports story and every commercial indicate how the
world has changed in retrospect. It also shows how very talented the
students were.

Audio recorded May 9, 1951
Copyright May, 1996

* Note:
* The Alternative Information Network
* address in the video is no longer in use.

Run time 59:00
Producer Frank Morrow
Production Company Alternative Information Network
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Co-hosts: Frank Morrow and Doug Kellner
Researcher: Mike Jankowski
Technical adviser: Brian Koenigsdorf


Reviewer: ERD. - - September 21, 2011
Subject: Very cute
As a teacher of major theatre arts classes and artistic director of a teenage repertory company, I found this radio program very enjoyable. The 1951 students were extremely talented and did a wonderful job that day when they were on the radio.
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on 11/20/2007